Fading Sailor

My Near Death Experience revealed to me the dynamics of Individuality, Creativity, Purpose and Love.

Individuality: In truth, we can only know ourselves. Each of us is on a highly personal journey of self-discovery. By nature, we are curious, emotional and discerning.

Creativity: In death I was shown directly that only I could feel my desires, believe my ideas, trust my intuition. I saw my creative nature directly, not by thinking but by being within my ideas. Access to our creative nature is available to all of us.

Purpose is within personal experience. Each one of us is on a mission of discovering our true nature and evolving through challenging experiences.

Love is that which animates, materializes, and contextualizes the challenges of our existence. Its meaning was revealed to me in terms of possibility. Love does this through each of us…as each of us.

Join me on a journey to uncover and affirm your own creative nature and the hidden purpose of your current challenges.