Think for a few moments of how you got here, in this life. The spirit within the mystery of human biology unified two polar opposites (sperm and ovum) that materialized your gendered body, DNA and personality elements. All humans are within the unified field of infinite existence.

Isn’t it obvious that each of us has a purpose for being here?

I cannot figure it out by thinking. In my solitude when I am just being still when words are not taking over, I know i am here, I am me, I am aware.

After my death, I realized how continuous  my awareness really is. Secretly I know more then I understand, more then I can express.

My challenge is simple but not easy – pay attention to my fears and at least equal attention to my desires. I have fears that seem to limit my willingness to focus on them or my desires for more then a few moments. Secretly i know they are the keys to my own fulfillment.

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